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Company's Background

Arto Group is a group of PT Sukoarto Teko Wijoyo which consists of various business lines that focus in consulting with excelence and by the time the business runs, the company spreading the scope not only in consulting but more to the system enhancement. System and consulting become the main aspect of this company with ERP, system development, accounting and financial service as the front hit. The company having three segmentation that divided into retail, system development and consulting

Vision: To become a leader of information system company in south east asia.

Mission: Achieving top selling of our product and service by catching up the new technology and give the best solution to customer with outstanding competence and relationship with partner.

Arto Group team consist with the outstanding person, all member of team has competencies in the related subject such as accounting, sarbanes oxley, internal control, system development, ERP, web design, human resource etc.

List of artogroup are:

  1. Artosolution
  2. Systemart
  3. Noble College International
  4. Training Jakarta
Services and Consulting
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